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You would find the game of progressive blackjack in various casinos. Though rules of the game differ from one casino to another, the concept of the game generally remains as it is. When the game begins, prior to dealing of the cards by the blackjack dealer, betting by the player is completed and besides that an option of placing bet for additional jackpot remains there.

Regarding progressive jackpot

Based on the type of casino and the black jack game you select, various cards might trigger a payout for a jackpot. The ace is considered as the jackpot card in various casinos. In jackpot of progressive type you might be a winner if you fail to hit the complete combination of winning blackjack which is not found in jackpots of other casino. In the event a player among his first cards gets an ace, she or he may count casino payout of smaller denomination. Two aces would fetch you bigger prize also, if they are found to be suited. In various casinos this becomes feasible since dealer of blackjack utilizes exceeding than one deck.

Prizes for progressive jackpots

Since the prize is of progressive type, many black jack players select for playing the game and the prize money increases with that. Owing to this reason it is not very difficult to strike a jackpot amounting to $100,000 or more than that with a little amount of betting of $1 only. This is particularly possible in the casinos of online types as thousands of blackjack players enhance the jackpot pools exorbitantly high.

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